Uganda welcomes two baby gorilla.


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Uganda marked Mother’s Day with good news of two baby mountain gorillas being born at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the southwestern part of the country.

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) said in a statement the babies were born between April 25 and May 1. The two babies were born into the Muyambi and Nshongi gorilla groups, one to mother Kabagyenyi but the other mother is not named.

“The sexes of both baby gorillas are not yet known due to the tight security mounted by the parents to guard them against any danger.

Gorillas tend to be very aggressive when they get a baby, therefore, it is not possible to get closer to establish the sex of the baby few days after birth,” UWA said.

Bwindi impenetrable forest is home to these magnificent apes that are rare and endangered, their total population is less than 800 animals divided between the forests of Bwindi and Virunga volcanoes.

Bwindi is one of Africa’s oldest and richest forests that predate the arid conditions of the last ice age; the Bwindi impenetrable has been weaving itself into tangles across the fissured and folded margin of the Allbertine Rift Valley for some 25,000 years with accumulated remarkable biodiversity and accommodates habitats ranging from lowland forest to rare afromontane vegetation.

 Species counts include 310 butterflies, 88 moths, 200 trees, 51 reptiles and 120 types of mammals including primates like chimpanzees, blue moneys and mountain gorillas.

Bird-life is also exceptionally rich with 357 species dominated by forest birds; these include 23 endemics and 14 species which occur nowhere else in Uganda.

local people; The Bwindi area is home to the Batwa a farming group of people who are responsible for the striking terraced hillsides that extend to the edge of the forest. Traditionally the interior of Bwindi was home to Batwa, hunter gatherers who now live on the edge of the forest.


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