Religious tourism in Uganda has not been explored and most of the tourist who undertakes safaris in Uganda is attracted with the various national parks gifted with diverse wildlife, the beautiful natural vegetation, cultural attraction but there is a lot to explore and experience as far as religious tourism is concerned. Therefore your visit to any of the interesting religious sites in Uganda will enable you to have the first experience which is not explored by other travellers.

Destination Uganda is blessed with various religions which have formed various religious sites which are of much more interest to tourists. A safari to Uganda will enable a visitor to encounter Namugongo shrine which is a holy place rested by the catholic brothers and sisters of Uganda because it is a place where the Uganda martyrs where buried and annually pilgrims convene here on 3rd June to celebrate the death of the Ugandan young boys and men who were killed by Kabala Mwanga of Buganda kingdom.

The other religious sites are: Kibuli mosque which is the oldest mosque in Uganda, Kasubi tomb where the 4 kings of Buganda are buried, Bahai temple where different religions go to pray ….etc.


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