How to travel on your couch

Travel in your homes

The Covid-19 pandemic has put all but essential travel on hold, and no one can yet answer when we’ll be free to go away again.

As we practice social distancing during the lockdown, we should not stop travelling. From virtual tours to nature live streams, travel without leaving the comfort of your couch here are some ways to keep your travel dream alive.

Organise your travel photos

Now is a great time to organise all your travel photos and bring back happy travel memories.
You could even choose your favorites to print off and hang in frames around the house. Every time you look at them, you’ll remember your love of travel, and get excited about the adventures to come!

 Write a bucket list

We’re probably all dreaming of taking a trip right now, and once we’re able to travel again, there will be a lot of destinations that need tourism. While you’re stuck at home, start a new bucket list and for those who already have update it.
 You can even get on Instagram to find some beautiful travel pictures for inspiration. Where will you go next?

Plan your next trip

Saving money and added flexibility are alluring incentives to book now for travel later in the year. But there’s another benefit: Planning a trip can make you happy. According to an Applied Research in Quality of Life study, published in 2010, “For most, the enjoyment starts weeks, even months before the holiday actually begins.”.

Create your dream itinerary with things you want to see and do and then pick your specific dates once it’s safe to travel again. The best part of any journey is usually the built-up anticipation, so boost your mood and your love of travel with a spot of planning.

Find some of the world’s most beautiful destinations

We love looking at travel photos and videos of the world’s most stunning destinations, and Instagram is definitely the best place to do this

And create a travel inspiration board

Make a board with all your favorite travel photos and videos to get you excited about your next trip. Or get crafty at home and create your own mood board to look at whenever you need to inspire your love of travel.

Discover the most unique accommodations

While you’re in travel planning mode, have a look at some of the world’s most extraordinary accommodations. From five star hotels to regal residences, you’re sure to find some travel inspiration for your next special trip.

Call up a friend

Do you have any friends or family members who have been on some amazing trips? Give them a call and ask them to share their love of travel with their favorite experiences. You never know what you’ll discover, plus it’s a great way to stay connected with friends and get inspired for your next trip.

Find a festival you’d love to attend


East Africa is filled with weird and wonderful festivals. From the Royal goat race to the Nyege Nyege festival, you’ll find a festival to inject some brightness into your day. 

Camp in your backyard

Backyard camping is a great way to have an adventure without leaving your home. Don’t have a backyard or camping gear? Build a pillow fort inside! You’re never too old to make a pillow fort, and there’s nothing better than snuggling up inside with popcorn and a movie.

 Check out the East Africa’s best swimming spots

photo by;

We’d love to travel to a faraway destination and dive into a pool right now. If you’re dreaming of sunny days and cocktails by the water, get inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful swimming pools.

Start a Google Maps travel list

One of the best things to do on Google Maps is to star (bookmark) all the places you want to go. You can star restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, markets, bookstores, parks, famous sights… pretty much anything. When you finally get to visit that destination, you’ll have a handy map of all the spots you’ve dreamed of visiting.

Plan your next flight

 You can start planning and booking today, depending on your flexibility, risk tolerance and willingness to take an active role following the latest developments.

A long layover is usually the worst part of travelling, but these days you’d give anything to be in an airport. Prep for your next trip by checking out the world’s most incredible airports.

“What we’re telling our customers is that they book flights now for future travel, because prices are going to be as cheap as you’ve seen since 2001, and then they’re going to increase sharply when demand rebounds.” Jesse Neugarten CEO and founder of the Dollar Flight Club.

Check-out the changes in the World Heritage Sites.

Another great Google tool, called Heritage on the Edge, allows us to virtually monitor climate change at five of the world’s most precious UNESCO World Heritage sites. The project uses 3D mapping to show how climate change is damaging each monument Kisiwani on Tanzania’s Swahili Coast. You can explore 50 online exhibits including street view tours, 3D models, quick guides on climate change, and interviews with local professionals on how this affects the local communities.

Celebrate life

With so many events being cancelled to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, we’re sure we’ll all be itching to celebrate life once the pandemic is over. Start planning a weekend away with your friends and family to let loose!

Brush up on your history

It’s a great time to read up on the history of destinations you’d love to travel. It’ll be a surreal feeling once you’re standing in the places you’ve read about, plus our Local Specialists will be sure to add to the experience with insider stories only a local would know. 

 Learn about other cultures

It’s also a great time to get to know more about the culture of a destination you’re dreaming of visiting. It’ll help you become a more culturally aware traveler, plus it’s so enriching to learn about different customs and beliefs around the world. 

Travel on your couch

With most tourist attractions closing their doors to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a bunch of museums, orchestras and other sites have stepped up to offer virtual tours and live streams. Now you can explore exhibits all over the world without leaving your house. Here are some of the best virtual travel experiences happening now.

Dive into nature

Spending time in nature is good for the soul, but since you can’t get outside right now, looking at wildlife and natural beauty online is the next best thing.

Find a new hobby

Travel is an incredible teacher. It pulls you out of your comfort zone and challenges you like never before. But you can also challenge yourself at home. Let’s enroll in an online class to learn something new like photography, sewing, painting or even a musical instrument? Now’s your chance to get creative and expand your skills, just like you do when you travel. 
Learn a new language

If you’re planning a trip, try learning some of the local language before you go. There are plenty of apps and online classes to help you on your way and it’s an invaluable skill you’ll carry for life. It’s also a sure way to earn you a few extra smiles from locals who appreciate your efforts in speaking their language.

Learn to dance

There are so many incredible dances from all over the world to try. The traditional dances are a sure to get you off the couch and also to lift your spirit. Find some tutorials on Youtube and start twirling around your kitchen.

Get cooking

Bring the world to your kitchen by recreating your favorite dish from your travels. Maybe you’ve been eyeing some recipes from an international cookbook, or you’d love to try a new dish from somewhere you’ve never been before. You could even cook a meal and eat it off a tray while looking out the window, just like in an aeroplane.

Read some inspiring travel books

Books have the power to transport us to another time, place, or even somewhere that doesn’t exist. Order books online, download books for your kindle, listen to audiobooks, or even flip through your old travel guides… however you like to read, you’re sure to find a window to another world and spark your love of travel
Stay fit with a home workout

From yoga to cardio-packed routines, there are plenty of workouts you can do at home. Whether you want to take on the beloved hiking trails of Cinque Terre or walk in the footsteps of an ancient community in Tasmania, you’ll need to stay fit for your next adventure.


Discover the latest travel tips

Prepare for your next trip by stocking up on all the essentials that make travel easier. From new travel apps to the best reusable coffee mugs, there are tons of handy gadgets out there to ignite your love of travel.

Perfect your packing technique

Do you use a suitcase or prefer a backpack? Do you fold or roll when you pack your clothes? Now’s the time to settle these age-old travel debates and nail down your perfect packing method. You’ll be ready to go as soon as it’s safe to travel again.

Let us know all your best home travel tips and favorite travel experiences to East Africa in the comments below.



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