Your guide around Kampala.


Ease your movement around Kampala;

Visitors to Kampala have numerous options for getting around the city and surrounding areas, using public transport. Fantastic to take in the atmosphere, like a local.

Minibuses are available throughout Kampala, work as a type of taxi.  These buses can be hailed from the side of the road, and can fit a large number of 14 people, they are easy and cheap for getting around with the fares costing between 500 and 3000 Ush and should be negotiated with the conductor before beginning a journey within Kampala to its outskirts.

Taxis leave from the old and new taxi park and other pre-determined points around the city and will also stop to drop-off or pick up regularly along the way.

Pioneer Bus are large orange and black colors. These buses are  a better option to take around town and operate at the city square down town.  
These buses operate is similar to the minibus system except that they are more organized with  the conductor and driver wearing nice clean uniforms with ties. The service is very professional and friendly.  And perhaps the best part of all is that these buses have a standard fare for all destinations.

Similarly there are taxi points to get regular car taxis, it is possible to find cabs in many places around the city, including the various taxi ranks found in public areas. There are apps to easy your accessibility to these taxis.

Motorbike taxis /boda bodas are always easy to access. The orange SafeBodas who are trained and always one extra helmet for the passenger offer a safer version of the ordinary boda boda special hire taxi services around the city. These will cost between ush 5,000 and ush 100,000 depending on where you are going. There is also a safeboda app to use at your convenience.

Motorbike-taxis (boda bodas) are always easy to find. There are also ordinary motorcycles/bodaboda, which you can hire to take you around the city for between 1000 for shorter routes and 5,000 USH. Fares are to be negotiated, and should be agreed upon before beginning a journey.

This is a great way to get around Kampala and visit its major sights. You get to climb Gaddafi mosque, visit a market, different hills of Kampala, the palace etc.

Safety traveling tips;

While travelling remember to keep the following in mind;

Never carry anything you can’t afford to lose.

Listen to the advice of your locals on unsafe areas and general safety tips.

Where possible stay in groups and avoid deserted areas.

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home.

Don’t leave your possessions lying around.

Always keep money (and an emergency card) in two places, e.g. some in your wallet/money belt and some in your pocket.

Female travellers should take particular care to dress responsibly. Observe the local women and do as they do. Also stick to places where there are lots of people.

As a female traveller, being stared at constantly in Uganda is, unfortunately, something you will have to get used to and is often out of curiosity.


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