You may be confused on where to get the cost effective means of transport once you are in Uganda, Uganda is blessed to have all means of transport that will surely make your stay comfortable. As mega master

, we would like to provide you more information on how to get access to cars


we have various kinds of cars that we offer for any safari, the capacity of the cars range from 3,9 to 50 people and these include the salon cars ,mini buses and big buses. Therefore renting a car will depend on the number of visitors you have. Truth be told, Uganda is a bit poor at road maintenance and for really you will find them in a bad condition. You are kindly advised to rent a  car that will help you access all the parks that you want to see on your safari. A 4wheel drive is one of the best cars that can manage our roads. When it comes to Uganda weather, you will never tell because it keeps on changing thus come well prepared.

Uganda is quite competitive because of its tourist attractions, but this can’t stop you from getting a cheap rental car. All you need is to have the bargaining skills, they are a bit hesitant to reduce however take your time and you will get the best offer. The best way to have a good deal is to have long trips; these are usually considered so much and are given at a discount than someone who is going to take short safari.

Just like great trekkers do, they will adventure the entire country. Thus get your own car and travel to all parts of Uganda since it’s a small country that can be explored. Using public means may be difficult for you can’t tour all the places you want. Therefore you are advised to come prepared and ready to hire a car that will simplify your journey to Uganda. Mega master can help you reserve


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