Uganda’s National Bird photo; pixabay In 1893, the then governor of Uganda, Sir Frederick Jackson chose this bird as a symbol on the Union Jack. It was approved by His Majesty George V of England to be inserted on flags flown by the governor of Uganda. The crested crane continues to be Uganda’s National bird – because of its beauty and humble ways. It appears on all instruments of the state and the national Coat of Arms. As the national bird of Uganda, the grey crested crane is highly respected

For awe-inspiring travel, few countries can match Uganda. Its national reserves and parks are well-protected havens for some of the most endangered wildlife; here are some facts you may need to know about our beautiful country image by;suptrotters Uganda gained her independence from Britain in 1962. The official nickname of Uganda is “the pearl of Africa The Ugandan president is  H.E.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The crested crane is National animal. The crane is featured on the country’s National flag. Uganda is a land locked country. Uganda is the birth place of the

  Photo by; Uganda marked Mother’s Day with good news of two baby mountain gorillas being born at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the southwestern part of the country. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) said in a statement the babies were born between April 25 and May 1. The two babies were born into the Muyambi and Nshongi gorilla groups, one to mother Kabagyenyi but the other mother is not named. “The sexes of both baby gorillas are not yet known due to the tight security mounted by the parents to

Travel in your homes The Covid-19 pandemic has put all but essential travel on hold, and no one can yet answer when we’ll be free to go away again. As we practice social distancing during the lockdown, we should not stop travelling. From virtual tours to nature live streams, travel without leaving the comfort of your couch here are some ways to keep your travel dream alive. Organise your travel photos Now is a great time to organise all your travel photos and bring back happy travel memories. You could

[CNN] — As movement around the world grows more and more restricted, it’s hard to imagine what travel will look like when it eventually ramps back up. The staggering global scale of the coronavirus pandemic makes it especially devastating, but the travel industry has rebounded from past crises and experts believe it will bounce back again. “People haven’t changed in that they still want to go places, but they’re going to necessarily be a lot more cautious about what they do,” said Adam Blake, a professor of economics and head of research

Our brief on Uganda and COVID 19 Currently, government advisory boards are generally advising against all, but essential travel to destinations where coronavirus has spread widely.Uganda has as of today Sunday, 29th of March 2020 confirmed 30 cases of the fast spreading COVID-19.  KAMPALA — Uganda has suspended all incoming and outbound commercial passenger flights effective Sunday, March 22 at midnight for at least 30 day.  Addressing the country, His Excellence, President Yoweri Museveni said starting 12:00 am on Sunday 22 March 2020, no passenger planes or human movement will be

  Ease your movement around Kampala; Visitors to Kampala have numerous options for getting around the city and surrounding areas, using public transport. Fantastic to take in the atmosphere, like a local. Minibuses are available throughout Kampala, work as a type of taxi.  These buses can be hailed from the side of the road, and can fit a large number of 14 people, they are easy and cheap for getting around with the fares costing between 500 and 3000 Ush and should be negotiated with the conductor before beginning a

Do you want to study wildlife in Uganda? Do you know the variety of wild animal species, bird species and plant species that you will only find in Uganda?  PRIMATES These are widely spread in Uganda with 13 diurnal species, six of which are guenon monkeys, and 6 nocturnal species. Below is an overview of the several local species. GORILLA Identified are 3 subspecies of gorillas, the western lowland gorilla as the most common, the lowland gorilla but not present in Uganda. The common type in Uganda wildlife is the most

VISAS; Applying for your visa It is a prerequisite for every visitor to Uganda to obtain a tourist visa in order to enter Uganda. Depending on your nationality you can get a 3 month tourist visa on arrival, for a single entry one pays 50 US dollars. Note that US dollar notes must be dated after 2001 or the notes will not be accepted in Uganda.  If you decide to stay for a longer period you can apply for the visa in advance at your nearest embassy or you can extend

Following the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issued notice to stakeholders on minor changes in the rescheduling of tourism activities in UWA-managed and protected areas. UWA Executive Director Sam Mwandha issued a press statement on March 10, 2020, which was then presented by the Chairman of the Uganda Tourism Board, Hon. Daudi Migereko, to industry stakeholders at Kampala Sheraton on March 11, 2020. The Uganda Wildlife Authority Director was unable to attend the briefing due to an engagement at the Presidential Investors Round Table (PIRT). This rescheduling is causing concerns